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Ten Questions Advisors Should Ask When Hiring an Estate Planning Attorney

Since leaving my law practice to join Gresham Partners, like many advisors, I am often asked for referrals to estate planning attorneys and for assistance in evaluating them. This is a fairly complicated request and there are many variables to consider. When evaluating possible estate planning counsel, I’d suggest an advisor should start by considering these ten questions.

If you have comments or additional questions you think should be asked, please share them below.

Kim Kamin is a Principal at Gresham Partners, LLC.

This material is provided for educational purposes only. The author and Gresham Partners, LLC cannot be held responsible for any direct or incidental loss resulting from applying any of the information provided in this publication or from any other source mentioned. The information provided in these materials does not constitute legal, financial, tax or accounting advice. Please consult with qualified professionals for such types of advice.


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