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Dead Celebrity Podcast: Elizabeth Taylor and Philanthropy

Elizabeth Taylor chose one cause—AIDS—as her mission in life to support. Even after her death, the foundations and organizations she created and supported are still thriving.


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Elizabeth Taylor chose to go deep, not wide with her philanthropy—and foundations and organizations she created to support AIDS research are still reaping the benefits.

In this episode,’s senior editor, David Lenok, is joined by Bruce DeBoskey, president and founder of The Deboskey Group. Bruce has dedicated his life to helping others maximize the impact of their philanthropic initiatives.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What role philanthropy can play in your clients' financial plans
  • How to help guide your client to decide what kind of difference they want their philanthropy to make to the world and to themselves
  • That narrowing your focus will have a greater impact on your charity
  • For the multigenerational families, the use of a mission statement to help stay on track with the families' core values 
  • Do your research!!!
  • And more!

George Rinhart/Corbis Historical/Getty ImagesYoung Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor in 1956.

Tune in now and learn ways to assist clients who are unsure how best they can use their money for good. 

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