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Celebrity Estates

Celebrity Estates Replay: Pat Bowlen and Creating an Estate Plan Before Being Forced Out

Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen resigned as CEO of the team in 2014 and died in 2019. His unique estate plan tasked a group of trustees with finding a new owner.


Pat Bowlen was an American lawyer and partial owner of the Denver Broncos, along with his two brothers and sister. He served as the Broncos CEO until July 2014, when he stepped down due to progressive effects of Alzheimer’s disease, and passed away in 2019. His estate plan was unique due to the family trust in place, with the three trustees taking over in 2014 with the sole purpose of determining the next owner of the team.  

In this episode, a replay from earlier this year, David Lenok is joined by Dan Griffith, senior vice president and director of wealth strategy at Huntington Private Bank, to review the estate planning of Pat Bowlen and how the trust came into effect. He reveals why business owners are forced out more often than retire and how to choose the best advisors to address your estate planning needs. 

Dan discusses:

  • Why choosing a new owner for the Broncos caused issues among Pat’s descendants;
  • How choosing trustees before you are incapable benefits your estate plan;
  • The importance of choosing trustworthy and good advisors for an estate plan; and
  • Why it is difficult to simply retire as a business owner.

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