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Celebrity Estates

Celebrity Estates: Christopher Reeve and Planning for Disability

You don't have to be Superman to protect your loved ones with disabilities.


Many of us remember Christopher Reeve for his unforgettable performance as the first Superman to appear on the big screen in 1978. But a lot of us forget his later years were spent as a paraplegic after a tragic accident. 

In this episode, David Lenok speaks with Gina Nelson, senior vice president – head of fiduciary services at Chilton Trust, about some of the different planning you can do to prepare if you or a loved one should become disabled, and what you can do today to set them up for after you’re gone. 

Theo Wargo/WireImage/Getty ImagesChristopher Reeve and wife Dana Reeve

Christopher and Dana Reeve in 2003.

Gina discusses:

  • The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation and how it’s set up to help those living with any type of disability; 
  • How a special needs trust can help you and your loved ones;
  • The difference between special needs and supplemental needs;
  • The importance of flexibility in your trust documents;
  • The different scenarios between who sets up the trust;
  • And more.

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