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Download the ESG & Socially Responsible Investing Report


Most advisors expect investor interest in socially responsible investing (SRI) and environmental, sustainability and governance (ESG) investment strategies to expand substantially over the next five years. But before this expected growth can take place, both advisors and investors have to become more comfortable with the concept of SRI and ESG investing.

Currently, customers rarely inquire about SRI solutions during introductory conversations. And despite growing interest in value-oriented investing, a relatively small proportion of client assets currently goes toward ESG strategies. Reducing tracking errors and providing customization options for clients could offer opportunities to raise investors’ awareness of and comfort in SRI and ESG investments. Advisors who take advantage of these opportunities may find themselves with a head start over the competition.

Recently, Wealth Management and Informa Engage surveyed financial analysts on behalf of Parametric to gain a better understanding of the role they expect ESG and socially responsible investing will have on their client portfolios and how they and their clients approach these investment opportunities.