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Inside ETFs Conference

What Advisors Want in Communication

Dave Lubnik, vice president of business development for YCharts, explains how financial advisors can use YCharts to help them communicate with clients.


Financial advisors not only want more communication, but more personalized communication, says Dave Lubnik, vice president of business development at YCharts, at the Inside ETFs conference.

He said at a minimum, financial advisors should be in touch with clients on a monthly or quarterly basis via newsletters and market commentary. Advisors should also be prepared to talk to clients about events that affect the markets. YCharts provides research for advisors to be able to answer client concerns, Lubnik said.

"We've been the tool of choice for advisors from a research perspective and a market data perspective for quite a while," Lubnik said. "Advisors will chose YCharts because it's easy to use, relatively inexpensive, it's web-based and it's powerful."

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