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NEXT Podcast

The Wealth Management Firm of the Future: Martine Lellis on Human Capital and The Client Experience

Mercer Advisors' Martine Lellis discusses how the role of financial advisor is evolving with client need.


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Over the next several years, the most successful firms in the wealth management industry will be those that have a clear vision for how human capital, technology and client service intersect to drive growth. 

In this episode of NEXT, Mark Bruno, managing director at Informa Wealth Management, speaks with Martine Lellis, chief talent and administrative officer at Mercer Advisors, about creating a defined client experience, attracting and retaining NextGen talent—and how the role of financial advisor is evolving in line with client need. 

Mark and Martine discuss:

  • The key elements of a great client experience
  • How specialists can integrate within financial advisory firms
  • The role “curiosity” will play in driving growth
  • What advisors can learn from the medical profession about supporting clients 

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