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Today's Digital Affluent

Social media and search impacts everything.



Love it or hate it, technology is changing the advisor/client relationship at an accelerating pace.

Social media and online search now impacts everything from first impression to first interactions and from advisor selection to deepening relationships.

The Oechsli Institute conducts ongoing research to determine how investors with $500,000 or more in investable assets use emerging technologies in their interactions with financial advisors. The findings are insightful in general, but even more so when viewed through a generational lens. In this study, we split participants into three age groups (Under 45, 45-65, and Over 65). In this podcast, we'll share some of our most interesting findings.

Stephen Boswell and Kevin Nichols are partners with The Oechsli Institute, a firm that specializes in research and training for the financial services industry. @StephenBoswell @KevinANichols

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