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Michael Kitces' #FASuccess Podcast: Deep Conversations with Nina O'Neal

Leveraging risk tolerance and financial planning software upfront to deepen conversations with prospects, with Nina O’Neal.


My guest on today’s podcast is O’Neal. Nina is a partner with Archer Investment Management, a hybrid advisory firm based in Raleigh, NC that oversees nearly $90 million of assets under management for 165 clients.

What’s unique about Nina, though, is the authentic way that she juggles the realities of being an advisor, a firm owner, and a parent, going so far as to pioneer the advisor video series “The Juggle is Real” about the challenges of work-life balance as a financial advisor raising a family.

In this episode we talk in-depth about Nina’s own advisory firm, the unique way they use Riskalyze for risk tolerance assessments not just with existing clients, but as part of the prospecting process, how she also integrates the eMoney Advisor portal as a way to paint the picture with prospects of how their firm works with clients on an ongoing basis, and the unique client service commitment postcard that all clients receive after being on board for three months.

We also talk about how Nina’s advisory firm is structured, the way the firm decides to handle its mixture of fee-based advisory and commission-based brokerage business, how the firm structured its AUM fee to be an “all-in” AUM fee that captures the underlying costs of both trading and any separate account managers, why Nina’s firm doesn’t view the hybrid model as a waypoint to the independent RIA model and plans to remain a hybrid firm, and how, despite the number of naysayers about broker-dealers and their sometimes overbearing compliance culture, Nina actually chooses to stay with her broker-dealer, Triad, precisely because she actually appreciates the quality of their compliance support.

And be certain to listen to the end, where Nina talks about the real-world challenges of balancing the burdens of being a parent with the challenges of growing an advisory firm, why she decided to create her own advisor video series “The Juggle is Real”, and her latest endeavor in launching the new Female Advisor Network specifically as a community to help empower fellow female advisors in their own path of building an advisory business and balancing the rest of their lives in the process.

So whether you’re interested in learning about how Nina uses Riskalyze to deepen her relationships with her clients, why she has no interest in letting go of her broker-dealer, or the advice that she has for young, female advisors, then we hope you enjoy this episode of the Financial Advisor Success podcast.


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