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Mindy Diamond on Independence: An Update on Advisor Movement in 2022

The 2022 Advisor Transition Report features the latest full year data on financial advisor movement, transition deals and transition case studies.

In Q3 of 2022, we embarked upon an informational journey to explore trends in advisor movement over the first half of the year. Our goal: To answer the questions we regularly hear from our advisor-clients.

So here we are again, 8 months later, and that goal is a loftier one: With our sights set on analyzing the entire year of 2022.

While accurate advisor movement data is notoriously difficult to obtain, by design, this report serves as a framework for advisors who are curious about a changing wealth management industry landscape and the impact of those changes on their businesses.

Louis Diamond and Jason Diamond take the mic to discuss the findings of the latest report and to share answers to key questions, including:

  • Which firms are having the most and least success recruiting and retaining advisor talent?
  • Which business models are advisors finding most attractive?
  • Why are advisors at big brokerages and independent firms alike changing jerseys?
  • What are the most influential and largest transitions made during the year?
  • Why are advisors changing jerseys with such frequency?
  • How are some firms able to recruit consistently and successfully while others struggle to do so?
  • Where are advisors moving to and from?
  • What are advisors being paid to make such moves?

Plus, they share good news: Even with massive headwinds, 2022 was an active one for advisor movement. Listen in for the details and be sure to download the latest report.

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