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Mindy Diamond on Independence: An Insider’s Perspective of LPL Strategic Wealth Services

Kimberly Sanders, senior vice president of advisor solutions for LPL Strategic Wealth Services, discusses the evolution of the supported independence space and dives into how models like LPL’s address the changing needs of advisors and their clients.


In our last episode, Josh Brown of NorthEnd Private Wealth shared his extraordinary journey—a decision in April of 2021 to leave Merrill and build an independent business with a new entry in the supported independence space: LPL Strategic Wealth Services.

Josh’s decision begs the question: What drives an advisor’s decision of one model vs. another in an industry landscape replete with just about every option under the sun?

To help answer that question and others, Louis Diamond welcomes Kimberly Sanders, the Senior Vice President of Advisor Solutions for LPL Strategic Wealth Services.

Kimberly shares an insider’s perspective on the evolution of the supported independence space – not only from her role at LPL but also the knowledge and experience she brings from her previous work with Schwab Advisor Services—and dives into how models like LPL address the needs of advisors, including:

  • The drivers behind the growth of independence—and how supported models have answered the call of a changing advisor mindset.
  • The value advisors see in supported independence—and why it often wins over building a standalone RIA from scratch.
  • The recent expansion of independent models—and how LPL’s solution compares to others in the space.
  • The types of advisors attracted to supported independence—and how wirehouse teams are responding to this new entry.
  • The roadmap for growth of the model—and what Kimberly foresees as the real opportunity that advisors have in the changing environment.

The world of options available to advisors seems to be growing almost daily. As Kimberly describes it, the independent space has taken another evolutionary leap and is now in the “third wave”—providing options for entrepreneurial advisors who have the desire for greater freedom and flexibility but also want maximum efficiency. And models like LPL Strategic Wealth Services are answering that call and then some. 

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