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Mindy Diamond on Independence: Industry Legend Ron Carson on What it Really Takes to Build a $20B Enterprise

Ron Carson discusses the key drivers behind the rise of the Carson Group, sharing his journey from a Nebraska farm to his tenure with Private Ledger, and on to how he built a nearly $20 billion independent wealth management enterprise.


It’s hard to believe that the founder and CEO of a nearly $20 billion enterprise got his start in life as the son of hard-working farmers in Nebraska who had trouble making ends meet. So much so, they eventually lost the family’s livelihood.

Yet it was an experience that informs Ron Carson to this day—a story of caution and perseverance.

Because instead of being a victim of circumstance, Ron pressed forward, with an intent of finding a job that had the greatest potential.

And the rest would be an amazing story that Ron shares with Mindy Diamond in this episode, including:

  • His start in the wealth management world—and how an idea that he cultivated in his dorm room in the 80s served as the foundation for his later success.
  • Ron’s early experience with Private Ledger, the predecessor to LPL—and how that became what the Carson Group is today.
  • The composition of the Carson Group—and what unique value each business line offers to advisors and their clients.
  • The most impactful actions he took along the way to go from zero to nearly $20B—and what advisors can do to fortify their own growth and success.
  • The service model he envisions will drive the future of financial advice—and what key players outside of the wealth management space advisors should be watching closely.
  • Plus, Ron shares the habits he feels are crucial to his own success—and much more.

Ron is a best-selling author, a go-to for the industry media, and a true legend in the wealth management world. But most importantly, he has valuable, actionable lessons to share—making this episode one that all advisors and business owners can learn from.

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