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Mindy Diamond on Independence: How Authenticity and Humor Helped to Drive an Ex-Wirehouse Advisor’s Growth

Marc Horner discusses how his leap to independence allowed him to think and act more creatively, connect with clients and prospects on a new level, and ultimately grow his business in ways he could not in the wirehouse world.

It’s amazing what happens when advisors find the freedom to execute their unique visions of what a perfect wealth management firm might be.

They transcend into a space where they can think and act genuinely—and step out of not only the comfort zone established by their firm but their own as well.

For Marc Horner, that translated into driving astounding growth, from $80 million in assets under management to $1 billion.

What’s more interesting, as Marc shares, it took him 14 years in the wirehouse world to reach $80 million—and only 7 years in independence to hit a billion.

In this episode with Louis Diamond, Marc shares his path from Merrill to UBS and on launching his own RIA firm, Fairhaven Wealth Management, in Wheaton, Illinois, including:

  • Growing to a billion dollars in assets under management—and why he achieved such astounding growth in such a short time vs. what he accomplished in Merrill and UBS.
  • The new opportunities he found in independence—and what, specifically, he can do now that he couldn’t do in the wirehouse.
  • The ability to think and market creatively—and how that transformed his ability to market to clients and prospects.
  • The decision to go independent—and when he decided that was his best next step.
  • Plus, Marc talks about his unique, humorous series of parody videos—and how this strategy not only won critical acclaim but also fostered a new connection with his clients and grew the business in ways he could not have in the brokerage world.

Being able to think creatively and with authenticity was life-changing for Marc and his team. He pushed the envelope in ways many other independent advisors wouldn’t consider, and it paid off big for Fairhaven. It’s an episode that serves as a true testament to the power of freedom and control that can be achieved in independence.

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