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The Diamond Podcast for Financial Advisors: Michael Kitces on Advisor Well-being

Listen in for an insightful and revealing look into advisors’ minds and what really makes them happy, based on data from the latest Kitces survey.

So what is it that REALLY makes advisors happy?

A recent survey by industry legend and thought leader Michael Kitces and his team set out to find the answer.

And what they found is quite revealing: It turns out that income and happiness are not equal. That is, greater compensation doesn’t necessarily make an advisor happier.

So, what makes an advisor happier?

Mindy Diamond and Michael dive into the data to answer that question and others, including:

  • What do advisors actually value most?
  • What are the most important factors that influence how advisors feel about their firm and the work that they do?
  • What ultimately motivates an advisor to consider change?
  • Why do so many unhappy advisors allow inertia to guide them when they could be seeking something better for themselves and their clients?
  • And how can advisors use this data and the insights provided to improve their well-being and potential for success?

Listen in for an insightful and revealing look into the minds of advisors, and the motivations and drivers that lead them not only to success but to a better quality of life. That is, their best business life.

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