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Diamond Podcast for Financial Advisors: Industry Update on Advisor Transitions and Deals

In the Advisor Transition Report’s companion podcast episode, Louis and Jason Diamond explore the key takeaways and their anticipated influence on activity during 2024 and beyond.

There’s no doubt that knowledge is power. This notion has driven the popularity of our annual Advisor Transition Report, an in-depth analysis of advisor movement, transition deals, and significant trends in the wealth management space.

The report captures the year in wealth management over 2023 and is designed to be a resource for advisors who are curious about the seismic changes we are seeing play out in real-time in the industry—information relevant to advisors whether considering change or not.

In this special Industry Update podcast episode, Louis Diamond and Jason Diamond take a deeper dive into the key takeaways and the anticipated influence of each on activity through 2024 and beyond. They offer valuable insight into:

  • What firms were the winners—and losers—in the recruiting game.
  • Which models saw the greatest amount of activity—and how this compares to previous years.
  • How the shift toward a focus on the long-term is driving movement—particularly amongst the mega-teams.
  • What impact retention efforts—like retire-in-place programs—had on advisor movement.
  • Where recruiting deals are at—and where they are headed.
  • Why there’s a shortfall of next gen talent—and how that’s impacting succession plans for aging advisors.
  • Why private equity is the next “big thing”—and how it will disrupt the industry landscape.
  • Why the advisor was ultimately the real winner of 2023—and is expected to be the winner again in 2024.
  • And much more!

It’s the perfect companion to the Advisor Transition Report, so be sure to download it and listen in to this special episode.

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