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The Diamond Podcast for Financial Advisors: How to Determine if Change Is 'Worth It'

In looking for “better ways” to foster growth and solve for other long-term goals, advisors need to weigh the value of pain vs. gain when it comes to a transition.

Almost every advisor gets to a point where they wonder how they can make their business life better.

And it’s likely something you may be thinking about as well.

For instance, you may be wondering how to grow faster.

Or looking for ways to hire and develop next gen talent or build a team.

Or get access to better technology.

Or you may also be looking at the bigger picture for ways to gain more control and boost your business’s value.

And it all begs these two important questions:

How badly do you want it?

How much do you really need it?

This is where the saying “no pain, no gain” typically applies—because it’s not as much about whether you want or need it, but what you are willing to do or give up to get it.

No doubt, we all want perfection or at least for things to be the very best they can be. But, messing with the status quo by transitioning can disrupt momentum and even impact client relationships. And the reality is there are no guarantees that the changes you make will be worth the hassle you may go through.

And that’s the very reason so many advisors get stuck by inertia, living with a status quo that may not serve them best.

In this special episode, Mindy and Louis Diamond share a process for assessing the potential value of change. They share the important questions you need to ask yourself, like:

  • How do you know when it’s worth it to make a change?
  • How do you decide if what you’re going after will yield positive results in the end?
  • What things might you need to sacrifice to get what you really want?

Plus, they share real-world examples of the thought process other advisors have gone through in their own journeys. It’s an important conversation, designed to get you thinking not just about your goals and what you’re looking to achieve but also what it might take to do so.

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