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Diamond Podcast for Financial Advisors: How to Achieve Sustainable and Scalable Growth

Duncan MacPherson from Pareto Systems offers actionable advice for financial advisors looking to unlock greater value in all that they do to build their business.

Growth is hands-down one of the most popular topics on this podcast series.

While listeners seem to gravitate toward advisors’ stories that share the “secret sauce” of their success, it’s the “how-to” episodes from industry-leading coaches that are often the most widely listened-to.

So this one will certainly not disappoint!

In this episode, Duncan MacPherson, the CEO of Pareto Systems, joins Louis Diamond to offer advice on how to make your business “not just profitable, but purposeful.”

And Duncan and his team have developed their own unique methodology to help you achieve just that. Their “Blue Square Method” aims to help advisors find their own “Blue Square”—that is, the sweet spot where business aligns with passion and purpose.

And, by doing so, advisors can unlock far greater value in all that they do to build their business—whether that be at a wirehouse, as independent business owners, or somewhere in between.

In this episode, Duncan talks about that methodology and much more, including:

  • Best practices to help drive sustainable organic growth—and what you need to know to start moving the needle today.
  • The value of scale—and what fundamental strategies you should be considering.
  • Evaluating your current firm or model—and how a transition might be the game-changer you’re looking for.
  • Positioning a move to clients—and how their “PSP” process provides a framework to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Working on the business vs in it—and how you can embrace a mindset driven to focus on strategic and purposeful growth.
  • And, ultimately, what some of the most successful advisors in the business are doing—and how you can adopt some of their methodologies to achieve your best business life.

It’s like having a free session with one of the best coaches in the business—complete with actionable advice for advisors who are building their practices in employee model firms on through to business owners looking to reach beyond the next level of success.

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