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The Diamond Podcast for Financial Advisors: Best Practices for Top Advisors from AllianceBernstein’s Head of Private Wealth

In a unique “other side of the table” perspective from a top firm leader, Onur Erzan discusses how a growth mindset transcends AllianceBernstein’s culture.

What do all top advisors have in common? A hyper-focus on client service, of course, but also an obsession with growth—the twin pillars of any successful wealth management business.

Yet the “growth mindset,” as it’s often called, isn’t necessarily an innate trait but one that can develop over time and most certainly be learned from others—like this episode’s guest, Onur Erzan.

For Onur, it was a mindset that developed in business school and continued through nearly two decades at the powerhouse global consulting firm McKinsey & Company, where his most recent role was senior partner and co-leader of its Wealth & Asset Management practice.

Yet a desire to have a more lasting impact on the space led Onur to join AllianceBernstein in 2021. As Head of the Global Client Group and Head of Private Wealth, he oversees the firm’s entire private wealth management business and third-party institutional and retail franchise, and is responsible for all client services, sales and marketing, as well as product strategy, management and development worldwide.

In this episode with Mindy Diamond, Onur discusses how a mindset towards growth is transcending the culture at Bernstein, including:

  • The firm’s value proposition—and what makes it attractive to top advisors.
  • The high net worth and ultra-high net worth focus—and how their approach differs from other firms.
  • Their unique mix of proprietary and open architecture managers—and how choice of managers enhances both advisor and client experience.
  • The specific intentions and actions that impact growth—and how the firm’s culture can influence each.
  • The real value of having a growth mindset—and the key things advisors need to pay attention to.

Plus, Onur offers his viewpoints on the future of wealth management, the value of technology, his perspective on AI, and much more.

We hear from advisors all the time about the importance of growth, but this is a unique “other side of the table” perspective from a firm leader who has steered some of the most prestigious groups on Wall Street—so be sure to listen in.

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