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The Diamond Podcast for Financial Advisors: 2023’s Most Valuable Insights

An annual digest for financial advisors with hosts Louis Diamond and Jason Diamond.

Even after six years of producing this series, we’re still in awe of the extraordinary wisdom shared by the advisors, firm leaders, and industry thought leaders who join us on the show. But it’s the advisor interviews that listeners often find most captivating and instructive.

It’s these advisors’ candid perspectives on their personal journeys that listeners find compelling: From their experience on liberating their businesses from limitations to finding more freedom; to their secret sauce around growth and maximizing value; and on to building businesses the right way—providing a succession path and ultimately, a legacy.

2023 proved to be the year that advisors took a hard look at their businesses and their firms with a long-term point of view. And they asked themselves the tough questions, like:

  • What steps should I be taking to maximize the value of my business?
  • Where can I find the freedom to run my business the way I want to?
  • Are the firm’s management and policies negatively impacting my clients and my earning potential?
  • Why are respected colleagues leaving the firm?
  • And, ultimately, is this firm the right place for my clients and business for the long term?

So, we took on the annual task of combing through each of a year’s worth of episodes to find the best advice from your peers. Our goal: To share a digest of relatable lessons and actionable anecdotes from those who’ve walked the walk—18 guests who were kind enough to lend their time and experience.

Yet there are many more amazing guests, incredible topics, and relatable soundbites that we could not include in this digest. So be sure to catch up with the entire series on our website, Apple Podcasts, or any major podcast platform.

Please note: This episode represents the first episode in which we use our new call name. It’s a change that reflects our commitment to providing the industry’s most respected and objective content on transitions, advisor growth and, of course, independence.

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