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Breakaway Advisor Builds Her Own Firm, and Wealth Follows

Before independence was in vogue, Dorie Fain of &Wealth left the comfort and familiarity of a big-name firm—plus significant chips on the table—to build her own RIA. Fain shares how she banked on her client relationships, instead of “believing the hype” that she needed a big brand name behind her.


It was back in 2008 when Dorie Fain chose to leave behind the security of Morgan Stanley—and $200M of her $225M book—to build a boutique registered investment advisory firm to serve the specialized needs of her clients.

And she did it her way, without leveraging a service provider.

In this episode, Mindy and Dorie and will explore:

  • Why she’s better able to service her niche client base as an independent advisor.
  • Overcoming “the hype” of believing advisors need the safety of a well-known firm in order to be successful.
  • Her experiences in working directly with a custodian to build her firm.
  • How to balance working on the business and in the business.
  • How independence fueled her growth and paved the way for her endgame.

No doubt there are many clients who will only work with advisors at major brokerage firms, but there are equally as many who support the innovation and entrepreneurship of independent advisors. By following her instincts, Dorie found the courage to leave significant chips on the table and build a better way to serve her clients—and in doing so, found the collegiality and community she felt her wirehouse lacked.

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