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The Bigger Picture: How to Monetize Your Life’s Work in the Long Term

While the freedom and flexibility of the independent space is attractive to many, it’s the long-term economic potential that’s the real draw for entrepreneurial-minded advisors.


An expanded landscape has paved the way for breakaway advisors to monetize their businesses in the short term, with a growing number of ways to fund start up, de-risk a move, and replace lost unvested deferred compensation.

For those with their sights set on longer-term goals, the potential has become even greater. As the delta between taking a recruiting deal versus building an independent enterprise diminishes, more advisors are taking the leap than ever before. And M&A in the space has never been more active.

What’s behind the massive growth of the space? What’s the real long-term potential for advisors considering a leap to independence?

In this episode, Mindy has invited Louis Diamond, Executive Vice President at Diamond Consultants, to share his experience in counseling breakaway advisors and facilitating M&A deals for independent business owners.

Together they’ll discuss:

  • The six drivers behind the M&A boom
  • The eight factors that determine a firm’s valuation
  • Standalone RIAs who are actively recruiting
  • Private equity-backed rollups acquiring or buying equity in smaller RIAs

Listen to the podcast

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