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Answers to the Top 10 Questions Advisors Ask When Considering Change

Mindy and Louis Diamond dispel some of the myths and misperceptions that often stop advisors from leaving their current firm for the independence model.



Advisors who are considering a change of firms or models often have a lot of questions—and they should. Because the reality is no decision this big should be made without digging deep and looking closely at how one’s goals align with that of either their current firm or another firm or model they might be thinking about.

This episode tackles the 10 questions we get most frequently from advisors—and dispels some of the myths and misperceptions that often stop them from realizing their true potential.

Listen in as Mindy and Louis share perspectives from both sides of the table on:

  1. How to determine if a move is warranted.
  2. What to consider if there’s still time left on a note or if a move will mean leaving behind substantial unvested deferred comp.
  3. What typical post-transition portability looks like.
  4. How senior advisors should weigh a retire-in-place program vs other options.
  5. What next-gen advisors need to consider when senior partners are considering their firm’s retire-in-place program.
  6. What the top destinations are for advisors who’ve moved recently.
  7. How a Protocol move differs from a non-Protocol move.
  8. How clients are responding to moves away from firms with “big brand cachet.”
  9. Why advisors move from their current firms when they’re in growth mode.
  10. How to decide if it’s better to partner with another team or go solo.

The truth of the matter is that there are often as many questions to ask as there are advisors who ask them. Yet the answers provided in this episode are likely ones that most advisors—even those for whom change may be well down the road—will find helpful and thought-provoking.

Listen to the podcast

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Mindy Diamond is CEO of Diamond Consultants in Morristown, N.J., a nationally recognized boutique search and consulting firm in the financial services industry.

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