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Advisors: Be Bifocal!

Advisors: Be Bifocal!

Being bifocal means putting your attention where it needs to be in your daily routine

Anticipating the future while also being present is a key trait for any successful advisor in today’s hectic landscape. You must have the ability to accurately perceive things happening further out on the horizon all while focusing on the more immediate, pressing events in your environment. As simple as this sounds, it’s actually quite rare to master this wonderful ability.

Being bifocal means putting your attention where it needs to be in your daily routine. I use a form called the “6 Most & Vital 1” that I fill out at the end of each day to give me this short-term, focused vision for the next day. It allows me to enter the office the next morning and immediately have direction on the six items and the “vital one” that require my attention. With all the distractions presenting themselves throughout each day, this form also acts as my best tool for regaining focus and staying on task.

Of course, the other side of being bifocal is also maintaining that long-term vision: the ability to take your gaze away from what you’re doing right at this moment to look up and see the end in sight. Unfortunately, advisors often end up on one end of the spectrum. Either you spend most of your days “firefighting” the minutia, or you spend it daydreaming the future while not doing the little steps to get you there. The secret is balance and discipline. Use a tool like the “6 Most & Vital 1” form to work through your day and keep you on track. When needing that time to work “on” your business and not “in” it, force yourself to dedicate time to do your big thinking every week or every month. Blueprint your practice once a year. Start with the end in mind and work backwards. This will give you the direction you need and will allow you to draw a connection between your daily work and achieving long-term success.

Take the first step toward becoming bifocal by downloading the “6 Most & Vital 1” form and an essential Blueprinting Guide at Select the free tools tab and enter the code “6Most” for the daily form or “blue” to access the Blueprinting Guide. Allowing yourself time to think about your vision and to focus on the “little things” that help move the needle will kick-start meaningful change in your business. Remember, bifocal balance and discipline pave a road to success that is smoother and shorter.


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Ron Carson is Founder and CEO of Carson Wealth Management Group, a wealth planning firm in Omaha

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