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The 11 Best Business Books of 2020 for Advisors

All the titles included here will sharpen the tools you use daily in your work.

Dozens of excellent business books were published in 2020. Some have become breakout bestsellers. All will sharpen the tools you use daily in your work. The titles investigate such themes as value, risk management, financial bubbles, decision-making, strategy, fraud and customer service. 

The books chosen here question widely held assumptions: The purpose of taxes. The dangers of deficits. The thin membrane between skill and luck. Whether you agree or not, each will cause you to see the financial world in a new light.

Since few of us have time to read books from cover to cover, we suggest the one chapter of each book that best delivers the goods and list the big takeaways. As always, we include a worthy novel set in the world of finance whose fictional themes offer lessons just as pertinent as those of nonfiction titles.

All prices are for the nondiscounted retail print edition. The books are presented in no particular order. 

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