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Ten Financial Planning Lessons Superheroes Can Teach Us

There’s a lot financial advisors can learn from superheroes.

With The Batman’s recent release and subsequently huge box office numbers reminding us that the era of superhero dominance in pop culture is far from over, some important questions come to mind: Do superheroes care about retirement planning? Do the dozens of figures committed to fighting injustice in their pajamas even retain financial advisors?

The movies and comic books are mostly silent on the matter. Nevertheless, it turns out that superheroes do actually have some important things to say about money, value, investing, risk tolerance and practice management. 

What makes superheroes so compelling is that despite their outsize idealism and the wild powers they possess, the characters remain relentlessly human. In their pronouncements, superheroes offer wisdom that can guide financial advisors to be the best they can be. From dozens of superhero movies and comic books, we selected 10 superhero quotations that can inspire advisors to reach for their own superpowers.

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