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Mindy Diamond on Independence: 10 Questions to Help Identify If You and Your Partner Are Still Right for Each Other

Mindy and Louis Diamond provide an industry update on partnerships.


When it comes to building a strong business, there is nothing better than a great partnership. Like a happy marriage, it provides the perfect environment for synergy, with added capacity and expertise, a path for succession and enhances the overall success for the advisors.

And clients are the beneficiaries of all of the above.

Yet like with any business, the shared mindset the advisors started out with years ago may not be the same today.

It’s most often that these differences come to light when partners are considering their future.

For example, one advisor may think the status quo is serving them well. While the other is intrigued by another firm or model that may offer them greater freedom and flexibility.

It’s a common inflection point that leaves the partners wondering if this relationship is still right for them.

So how do you determine if the differences are irreconcilable or if there is a happy medium that will leave you both feeling content and able to continue to grow and serve clients happily ever after? What happens if you no longer share the same vision or cannot come to a consensus?

In this episode, Mindy and Louis discuss the genesis of partnerships—and 10 questions you should ask to determine if you’ve just hit a rocky patch or if breaking up may be the best path.

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Even the best relationships can reach a point where partners find themselves on different sides of the fence. As shared in this episode, we’ve outlined 10 questions that can help determine the “health” of the partnership and decide how best to move forward.

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