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Focused on the Future Podcast

Focused on the Future: Michael Nathanson on Retaining Top Talent through Purpose, Sustainability and Culture

Michael Nathanson of The Colony Group details what we all can do to make an impact on the industry.

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In the latest episode of the new podcast series, Focused on the Future, veteran industry leader Suzanne Siracuse talks with Michael Nathanson, chair and CEO of The Colony Group, to discuss keys to retaining top talent, setting up a sustainable firm for the future and what we all can do to make an impact on our industry.  

Specifically, Michael discusses: 

  • His overall philosophy and process around attracting retaining and hiring top talent
  • Deciphering the difference between descriptive and prescriptive cultures. 
  • Why he set out to create a firm culture that is opposite of the Borgs from Star Trek.
  • The six traits in the humane immune system that companies also seek to be sustainable. 
  • Why he has taken the Net Positive Pledge and is looking for other financial services firms to do the same.


Connect With Suzanne Siracuse:

Connect With Michael Nathanson: 

About Our Guest:

Michael Nathanson, Chair and Chief Executive Officer of The Colony Group, is a highly respected and experienced leader in the wealth management industry. He is relentlessly dedicated to bringing meaning and joy to the lives of Colony Group clients and team members by fostering a culture that values lifelong learning, cultivates innovation, and offers opportunities to live lives full of passion and purpose. 


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