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It's a Wired and Busy World - What Do you Do to Recharge?

It's a Wired and Busy World - What Do you Do to Recharge?

I stumbled upon the Tiny Buddah site while looking for “ways to recharge yourself.” Tiny Buddha Founder Lori Deschene has created a nice list of ideas. I plucked four of my favorites out of her list and plan to focus on them for the next 21 days.

Here they are:


7. Close down the multiple tabs on my computer screen and instead single-task. If I’m writing, write. If I’m working on proposals, do that and only that. Give myself permission to get into a state of flow and let all distractions slip away.

19. Take a day off from negative, draining people—even the ones I love. If my downer friend/employee/cousin needs my help, I can call her back tomorrow.

34. Plan unproductive downtime by taking a walk. Leave the smartphone at home or in the office. Research shows this type of disconnected time is crucial to learning and forming memories.

38. Technology fast on a weekend day. This isn’t an option for me during the week—and Saturdays are going to be tough too—but day without any gadgets seems like a worthwhile goal.


I’ll add one more of my own to the list:

There was a while where I declared Sunday “keyboard poison day” and it worked really well. Staying away from the keyboard gives my eyes and my hands a break from the usual computer strain I encounter for long periods during the rest of the week. I’m always thinking about my business, even on Sundays, but if I sit down for even a minute to check on just one simple thing, I find myself hours later telling my family ‘Just one more thing and then we can go…’ so declaring Sundays “keyboard poison day” helps with work/life balance as well as physical and mental health.

To read the rest of Lori Deschene’s ideas:


What do you do to recharge? Share your ideas here.


Marie Swift is President and CEO of Impact Communications, a full-service marketing communications firm serving a select group of independent financial advisors and allied institutions.

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