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Three Financial Service Apps Available For Apple Watch

Three Financial Service Apps Available For Apple Watch

The Apple Watch, Apple’s long-anticipated “smart watch,” shipped on Friday to customers who pre-ordered, and early adopters are busy exploring the 3,000 apps already available on the iTunes store. Some financial firms are betting that the wrist will be the next place customers expect to get financial information, and at least three firms have Apple Watch versions of their mobile app ready for launch. 

The apps let users monitor the markets, track their investments and receive notifications related to their portfolio. Velia Carboni, the senior vice president of mobile channels at Fidelity Investment, hopes the Apple Watch will do for watches what the iPhone did for phones.

“It’s a subtle, non-intrusive way for the customers to always stay connected to their investments and whatever is happening in the market,” Carboni said.

Given how popular the device has already been, there are likely dozens more on the way. So for any early adopters who are eager to try out the Apple Watch’s abilities as a financial tool, here are three apps to try out.  

1. Fidelity Mobile for Apple Watch

Fidelity said its Apple Watch app would give investors a new edge in keeping up with their investments. The app displays real-time stock market quotes and market data, portfolio performance, and notifies users of Fidelity orders and price triggers. The app also connects with the iPhone, so a stock being viewed on the watch will automatically display on the phone with more advanced charts and detailed information. It is available for free at the iTunes store. 

2. NetXInvestor Mobile for Apple Watch

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Pershing’s Apple Watch version of NetXInvestor Mobile syncs with an investor’s account and shows clients the day’s market change, funds that are available for withdrawal and funds available to trade. The app will notify users about prices, activity, performance, and when a trade or transfer has completed, eliminating the need for a follow-up call to the advisor to validate a transaction. Users can also track stocks they hold in their account. It can be downloaded for free at the iTunes store

3. Openfolio

Openfolio wants to be the go-to app for investors, and automatically connects with more than 30 different brokers to display everything in one location, rather than having to flip through several apps. It then tracks how the portfolio performs in relation to certain benchmarks set by the users. Openfolio also has privacy in mind and only displays information in terms of percentages to prevent nosy bystanders from gleaning someone’s net worth as they check their wrist.  It is available for free at the iTunes store. 

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