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Guardians of the Financial Galaxy

Guardians of the Financial Galaxy

The rodent with a plan.

Visa Inc. is partnering with Marvel Comics to create a special issue of the popular comic book, Guardians of the Galaxy, centered on educating kids about money. The firm will distribute it to public libraries. According to Reuters, the story will be titled “Rocket’s Powerful Plan” (“Rocket” is a talking raccoon with a gun). Here’s a plot synopsis from the report (spoiler alert): “When the squad receives a fee for exterminating robo-pests, Rocket suggests putting some of that money aside for an emergency fund. That cash later comes in handy when the group has to repair their spaceship and purchase high-tech weapons to vanquish their enemies.” Sounds like fun. This will mark the second such partnership between the two companies. The first, in 2012, which featured “Spider-Man” and “The Avengers,” was such a success that half a million copies were printed to meet demand.

The Aging Experience

Though many of us may fantasize about robotic exoskeletons that can give us superhuman abilities, Genworth has taken the opposite approach. It has built a suit that inhibits the wearer instead of augmenting them. The Genworth R70i Aging Experience, which debuted earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show and is currently touring the country as part of Genworth’s “GenWell Tour,” is intended to educate people about the realities of growing old, enhance empathy and hopefully spark a national conversation about aging issues by giving the wearer a glimpse of exactly how age will eventually ravage their body. The full bodysuit is capable of simulating conditions ranging from simple tinnitus (ringing of the ears) to muscle loss and stiffening joints.

Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

Be mobile. | Volodymyr Krasyuk/iStock/Thinkstock

If your website is not mobile-friendly, it might as well be invisible, writes Jack Waymire of Paladin Digital Marketing on Seeking Alpha. Waymire writes that when Google announced a year ago that it was boosting the importance of mobile responsiveness in its search results, it became more necessary than ever to make financial advisor websites optimized for mobile. Why? Five reasons: Mobile search has surpassed traditional desktop search; the aforementioned change in the Google algorithm; search traffic is a major driver to financial advisor sites; local SEO rankings (a recent survey showed that 69 percent of mobile users seek local service providers when they search for advisors; and mobile-friendly sites make it easy for investors to initiate contact with you. Is your website mobile-friendly? Check here.

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