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Financial Advisory Twitter War

Financial Advisory Twitter War

A small corner of the Twitterverse blew up today after an innocent tweet promoting a webinar on the challenges posed by automated investment platforms featuring MarketCounsel’s CEO and President Brian Hamburger, RIABiz founder Brooke Southall and co-founder of Monument Wealth Management David B. Armstrong rubbed a couple of twitter denizens the wrong way, turning into a day-long faceoff with industry commentators Michael Kitces and Bill Winterberg.


It started with an innocent, promotional tweet...


Then Bill Winterberg asked a "rhetorical question" seemingly comparing trust in a robo advisor to trust in a power-point presentation.


Things might have ended there, but Winterberg decides to call in reinforcements...


...But of course, no one was done with the conversation.


But it didn't stop. In fact, that was only Act I...



Now Kitces ups the debate by pointing out that he would not present at an upcoming Marketcounsel event because they were not paying presenters.



Then we are reminded who apparently coined the term "robo advisor," and who popularized it.



And with that, we now return you to your previously scheduled programing.


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