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The Daily Brief: Best Business Schools 2014

The Daily Brief: Best Business Schools 2014

How many of you went to business school? Don't everyone raise your hand at the same time now. While an MBA is hardly a requisite to be a financial advisor, business schools are still cranking out graduates by the droves. Which are the best of the best? Bloomberg BusinessWeek has a biennial list. The results may surprise you.

San Jose, Calif. | Copyright Dave McNew, Getty Images

Now Hiring’s data team recently broke down the easiest and hardest cities to find a job. The analysis took a look at the unemployed population of 50 metropolitan areas, comparing those totals to job listings for that particular location. According to the report, San Jose, Calif. checked in as the easiest job market for Q3 2014, while Los Angeles, Calif. was the hardest. Visit here for the complete report.

Charles Plosser

He's Got Some Nerve

Philadelphia Federal Reserve President Charles Plosser is worried about interest rates. No, he's not concerned about them going up. He's worried they've been too low for too long. “There is no precedent in history to have rates at zero. I think we are really behaving in a way which is outside of historical norms and that should make us nervous,” he told CNBC at a conference in London. Via Marketwatch.

The 20 Minute Surge

Just one week after Nadex launched 20-minute options, the contracts became the second most valuable offering on its trading platform, CNBC reports. The 20-minute options accounted for 15 percent of Nadex’s total volume on Tuesday, second only to hourly contracts. Despite the apparent popularity, critics contend the risk involved in these kinds of options make them akin to buying a lottery ticket.

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