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ARCP Expectations

ARCP Expectations

The man with the plan.

In his second day as CEO of American Realty Capital Properties, Glenn Rufrano met with stock analysts to set a timeline for getting the company past last year’s accounting troubles. Rufrano said he first needed to study the REIT’s portfolio of more than 4,500 properties and ARCP's organization. He said he’ll present a long-term business plan in August when ARCP reports its second quarter earnings, which may answer anxious investors’ questions of whether or not the company will reinstate its dividend. 

Should I Trust You?

Trust in the financial services industry rose from 50 percent last year to 52 percent this year among the "informed" public, but it remained stagnant at 48 percent of the general population, according to Edelman’s 2015 Trust Barometer. But within the industry, the financial advisory/asset management segment has the highest trust levels, at 60 percent in the U.S. That compares to 57 percent for insurance, 58 percent for banks and 56 percent for credit cards/payments. Edelman surveyed 33,000 people across 27 countries about their trust in various industries.

Go Back to Gold

Buy. | Korovin/iStock/Thinkstock

Remember when it seemed gold's rise in value would continue forever? That was 2012, after an eleven year bull run; a year later the price began to fall and hasn't yet bounced back. So now is the time to buy even if you're not a confirmed gold bug, according to Nicholas Johnson on Pimco's blog. "Not because gold is a magic yellow piece of metal that goes up, but because it's a long-duration real asset that, over the last 12 months, has gotten cheaper both in absolute and relative terms."

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