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Wealthies Circle

Wealthies Circle Podcast: Addressing Systematic Volatility With Hercules Investments

Hercules Investments' James McDonald explains the different risk-related techniques advisors can use to keep clients comfortable with their portfolios.


In this episode, David Armstrong, editor-in-chief at, talks to Hercules Investments’ James McDonald. Today, James not only discusses all things volatility but also explains different risk-related techniques professionals can use to keep clients comfortable with their portfolios in the market. Hercules Investments won a 2020 Wealthies Award for being the top Alternative Asset Manager.


Hercules Investments CEO/CIO James McDonald

In this conversation, you’ll learn:

  • How Hercules Investments capitalizes on systematic volatility;  
  • The company’s risk-hedging technique designed to help financial advisors and clients;  
  • How James McDonald’s firm helps financial advisors grow their prospects; 
  • Hercules Investments’ ideal client as those who got aggressive growth goals;  
  • And more!

Tune in to discover different ways that Hercules Investments can provide you with overlay strategies while giving you market volatility protection! 

Listen to the Wealthies Circle Podcast

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