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Seven Advisors Assess The Value of Alternatives

As liquid alternative investment products become increasingly accessible and market conditions shake confidence in the standard 60/40 allocation model, asked a variety of boots-on-the-ground advisors how they view alternative investing under the new paradigm. Here’s what they said.

From resounding support to downright mistrust, advisors’ feelings about alternative investing run the gamut.

Most are approaching the asset class cautiously but with intention, feeling that they can ultimately provide greater diversification, income protection and yields. Innovative products offering liquidity and accessibility that were previously unavailable, combined with a greater marketing effort on the part of providers and the implosion of the 60/40 allocation model also have many feeling that providing alternative options is destined to become table stakes for most financial advisors.

Still in early days, this shift is being explored in countless ways by countless firms, as evidenced by seven advisors from around the country who have shared their views on the adoption of alternatives.

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