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CAIS Hires Advisor I/O’s Alex Cavalieri as Director of Marketing Operations

Cavalieri, who built Advisor I/O’s marketing platform, will bring his content and digital marketing chops to alternative investment platform CAIS.

Alex Cavalieri, the co-founder and former head of strategy at Advisor I/O (formerly Seven Group), has left the financial advisor marketing platform to join CAIS, as director of marketing operations.

Cavalieri is best known for building Seven Group, the marketing, practice management and content platform, which launched in 2020. The company was acquired by CION Investments Group, an alternative investment solutions platform, in July 2022, and rebranded as Advisor I/O. He was also the host of the popular “Advisor Lab” podcast.

Alex Cavalieri

Alex Cavalieri


"The team that worked alongside Alex and us to build, launch and grow Advisor I/O over the past three years is continuing to execute our mission of helping advisors scale their marketing efforts in a digital world," said Michael A. Reisner, co-CEO of CION, in an emailed statement. "In the current environment of market volatility, lower asset values and uncertainty about the future, marketing is even more critical to advisors. We see Advisor I/O as a key element of our commitment to the advisor community."

In his new role at CAIS, Cavalieri will oversee content, digital and project management, reporting directly to Abby Salameh, who was brought on last November as CMO. He’ll be helping Salameh build on the work she and her team have done over the last year.  

“We had very strong alignment very quickly as it relates to what she foresees is the vision of not only the marketing organization, but the CAIS brand and where the platform is going,” Cavalieri said. “I’m going to help build out what we’re doing from a content and digital perspective—scaling out our processes, from a technology standpoint, automation standpoint and then also how we’re building out our content ecosystem.”

One of his tasks is to build on the digital engagement of CAIS’s educational platform, CAIS IQ, which helps advisors prepare to talk to clients about alternatives.

“You look at the alts space—to the end investor it’s still fairly new from a mass audience standpoint, relative to the market and every other asset class,” he said.

He’ll also be working on how the marketing organization can better utilize data that’s feeding into different parts of the company.

“There are a few data initiatives that we’ve identified and that we can start to tackle, and that’s everything from your traditional dashboarding of marketing activities and different things like that and also to really understanding how we can continue to evolve our data within the firm and how it’s being looked at and analyzed,” he said. “And then the other part of that is really figuring out areas of optimization across automation from advisor communications to internal communications and also making sure that we’re able to provide as much of a personalized experience as we can to the advisor.”

The CAIS platform has been growing quickly the past few years, and recently expanded its relationships with large enterprises, such as Advisor Group and Focus Financial Partners. In April, the company announced a $100 million continuation of a January funding round that saw the company valued at more than $1 billion. The $100 million investment came from Reverence Capital Partners, which gave it a seat on CAIS’ board of directors, filled by Milton Berlinski, managing partner at Reverence.

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