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Ten Most Common Reasons Advisors Leave

The majority of advisors participating in the 2014 Independent Broker/Dealer Report Card indicated that they are likely to remain affiliated with their current IBD during the next year. This is excellent news for independent broker/dealers, especially since 88 percent of the advisors reported that they are very likely to stay in place.

But sliced another way, this data also reveals that 7 percent of advisors are likely to make a change within the upcoming year. This underlying group of defecting advisors rated their IBDs with a D average at only 6.0 points out of 10—much lower than the 9.1 points given by the other participants.

What causes the most pain for defecting advisors? Click through to see which factors advisors say are most likely to prompt a move.


Note: Defecting advisors include those who indicated that they are somewhat or very unlikely to remain at their current independent broker/dealer over the next year. The advisor ratings of each category are based on a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high). 


To see more information on the 2014 IBD Report Card, click on the icon above. 

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