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Building Your Business with IRA Rollovers

Building Your Business with IRA Rollovers

Build your business and help your clients with the do's and don'ts of rollovers in an IRA.

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Are you tapping into the $8.8 trillion IRA market? With job changes skyrocketing and retirement planning getting more complicated, providing expansive investment, consolidation and retirement income options can help your clients optimize their savings. With the boom in rollovers, IRAs actually have held more assets than defined contribution plans since 2007. Financial advisors, investment providers and capital raisers that understand the factors driving the growing volume of IRA rollover activity will be in a stronger position to capture a share of the retirement savings flowing out of employer plans and into IRAs. One powerful way to do this is with self-directed IRAs.

The latest whitepaper from STRATA Trust Company is a tool for financial advisors and investment professionals to better help clients with the intricacies of rollovers. It goes over the do’s and don’ts, along with strategies and regulations to build your business and guide your clients.

Help your clients better explore their IRA rollover options. The white paper will go into best practices for:

  • consolidating multiple retirement accounts
  • tax diversification
  • using alternative assets to diversify
  • distribution flexibility
  • no tax consequences
  • additional contributions
  • choice of IRA custodians

STRATA Trust Company is an industry leading custodian dedicated to providing financial advisors, investment providers and capital raisers the tools they need to grow their business as well as to communicate the different types of alternative investment IRA options available for their clients.