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Uranium: Fueling Decarbonization on a Path to Net-Zero

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Now is an opportune time to invest in uranium, the fuel for nuclear power. Why? After peaking in price at $137/lb. during 2007, uranium prices plummeted to below $20 lb. during 2016—a decline of over 85%, which we believe was its bottom.  

What’s more, demand for uranium (estimated at 200 million pounds per year) is rising as more nuclear power plants around the world are either under construction or in varying phases of the planning and development stage. 

Mining at current prices is uneconomical. Due to uranium mine supply cuts, and the price of physical uranium being below the cost of production, the supply of uranium is insufficient to meet current and future demand. 

In short, the price of uranium must rise at least 2x in order to incentivize production to meet future demand. 
Join Tim Rotolo, CEO and Founder of North Shore Indices, Inc for an overview of the opportunity in Uranium and nuclear energy. Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • The compelling thesis for investing in uranium due to a growing supply deficit 
  • Discussion of how nuclear energy will play a vital role in decarbonizing our modern economy 
  • How URNM provides a highly efficient access point to invest in uranium

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Tim Rotolo
Founder and CEO
North Shore Indices