Prospecting Clients in Today’s Market

March 28, 2019 | 4:15 pm ET / 1:15 pm PT

Jeb Blount
Prospecting Expert Member,
Brighthouse Financial Insights Panel
Kevin Russ CFP®, CLU®
Advanced Markets Consultant
Brighthouse Financial, Inc.
Doug Sue
Multi-Asset Strategist, QS Investors
Legg Mason Global Asset Management
JD Mitton
Divisional Sales Manager
Brighthouse Financial, Inc.

With today’s market climate being one of continuous change, prospecting can become an added challenge for advisors. What is your strategy for prospecting clients? How do you build prospecting into your business?

Client’s today face many choices when it comes to choosing an advisor to help them build a sound financial future. With trust being top of mind, choosing the right advisor can be a very difficult task. How you differentiate yourself, and what you bring to the table is key to your practice.

Join Brighthouse Financial for our first 2019 roundtable discussion: Prospecting Clients in Today’s Market. This session will deliver valuable practice-focused insights and perspective for advisors to help build their practice.

This webinar is free to attend and you will receive a code redeemable for one Continuing Education course worth up to 15 credit hours of CE.