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Portfolio Recommendations For The Long-Term: How To Survive The Next Decade

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A confluence of political, economic, demographic, and social forces has created an investment environment likely to challenge advisors for years to come. That’s the conclusion reached by Fidelity Investments in a paper published last year foretelling the inflation spike we’re now experiencing.

Fidelity’s research forecasts a significant rise in global debt levels over the upcoming decade and with it, a greater probability of inflationary outcomes. This, and other factors, will test advisors’ abilities to design long-term strategic asset allocations for their clients.

Dirk Hofschire, CFA, Fidelity's Senior Vice President of Asset Allocation Research and co-author of last year’s seminal analysis, will join Wealth Management’s Brad Zigler in a free-ranging discussion that will spell out the portfolio implications of rising debt and the nature of future market dislocations. This won’t be an academic exercise. Real, practical suggestions will be offered to help advisors plot an investment course through a changing policy landscape. By attending this seminar, participants will:

  • Develop a better understanding of the forces that have fostered and enabled the use of debt as a panacea for economic ills
  • Be able to anticipate how reflationary policies may impact their clients’ portfolios
  • Be able to achieve a higher degree of diversification in their asset allocations by way of specific investment recommendations

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Dirk Hofschire, CFA
Senior Vice President, Asset Allocation Research
Fidelity Investments


Brad Zigler - Moderator
Alternative Investment Editor
Wealth Management Magazine