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Making sense of ETF structures and liquidity

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ETFs are one of the investment industry’s important innovations, and that innovation continues today. However, despite the continued and rapid growth in the ETF space, there remains confusion over some aspects of the ETF, including the different types and trading. 

Just how confident are you in your understanding? In this session, our panel will aim to provide clarity on some of these factors: 

  • the differences between passive, active non-transparent and active transparent ETFs; 
  • liquidity and how to manage it; 
  • how you can help to optimize your ETF trading practices. 

Finally, we will discuss a few trends we are seeing in the ETF market.
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Matt Camuso
ETF Strategist
BNY Mellon Investment Management


Jason Ronca
Capital Markets, ETF & Index Investment Management
BNY Mellon Investment Management


Bill Stush
Head of Institutional Trading
Flow Traders