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Finding Your Financial Planning Fit

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The importance of financial planning for keeping clients satisfied, confident, and on track to meet their goals—especially during periods of market volatility—has been well documented. A solid financial plan gives investors the tools they need to focus on long-term goals instead of short-term market movement.

But if you aren't currently offering financial planning at your firm, it can be challenging to know exactly how to get started. What's the step-by-step process? Which technology will help you meet your clients' expectations? What kind of fee model is the best fit for you and your clients? How do you communicate with your clients about the value of a financial plan?

We're here to help. In this webinar, we'll offer guidance, best practices, and actionable recommendations for implementing a financial planning service at your firm. Key takeaways include:

  • The roadblocks advisors face when trying to implement a financial planning service, and how to overcome them
  • What clients expect from a modern technology experience
  • The step-by-step process for creating a financial plan, including fee structure
  • The value—to both you and your clients—of a financial planning technology that connects portfolio performance with investment decisions

Compliance code 1701-OAS-07/02/2020

CFP, CIMA®, CPWA®, CIMC®, RMA®, and AEP® CE Credits have been applied for and are pending approval.

Benjamin R. Hurn
Strategic Relationship Consultant
Financial Planning Orion Advisor


David Armstrong - Moderator
Editor-in-Chief and Executive Director of Content and User Engagement


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