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The ESG Effect and Investment Performance

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Interest in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)-based investing has grown dramatically of late, particularly as new index-based funds have been introduced. Still, the majority of ESG-sensitive assets remain committed to actively managed portfolios, including portfolios from a 35-year-old investment manager from San Francisco-Parnassus Investments.
Amid a growing controversy over the value of some funds’ ESG ratings, long-time portfolio managers such as Parnassus have been sticking to their knitting as they continue looking for quality investment opportunities with less embedded operational, legal and reputational risk. There’s evidence that active managers’ ability to identify such investments can lead to positive alpha over long investment horizons.
Wealth Management’s Brad Zigler will join Parnassus Investments portfolio managers Lori Keith and Billy Hwan in an hour-long exploration of their fundamental approach to building cost-efficient portfolios of quality companies adhering to socially responsible principles.
In this timely seminar, attendees will, in clear and practical terms, learn:

  • How ESG impacts portfolio performance
  • The key factors used to identify quality companies
  • How to measure the true cost of alpha
  • And more …

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Brad Zigler - Moderator
Alternative Investment Editor
Wealth Management Magazine


Lori Keith
Director of Research, Portfolio Manager


Billy Hwan, CPA, CFA
Portfolio Manager, Senior Research Analyst




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