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CFP Board’s Proposed Revised Standards: Too weak? Too strong? Or, just right?

Tuesday, August 15, 2017 | 4:15pm ET / 1:15pm PT

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The CFP Board released their draft revised code of ethics and standards of conduct on June 20th. A sixty-day public comment period runs until August 21st. The importance of the standards are captured by CFP Board CEO, Kevin Keller, when he states they are the “Ethical foundation for CFP certifications.”

The comments on the CFP Board website reveal the diverse practitioners that are CFPs. Some CFPs bluntly say the standards should be left alone. Some say they should be clarified and further strengthened. The largest group expresses general support for the revised standards. A common theme from these supportive remarks, “It goes a long way to tell the public we are professionals.”

This discussion will offer divergent views on CFP draft revised standards on fiduciary duties. Views that are clearly either “for” or “against” certain aspects of the standards will be set out. Participants in the webinar will take away:

• Key pluses and minuses of the revised standards as proposed.

• A key understanding of the view the standards are strong enough today.

• Concrete recommendations as to how the proposed draft might be improved.

Knut A. Rostad
Institute for the Fiduciary Standard
Jeffrey W. Mc Clure
The Personal Wealth Coach
Stan Mock
General Agent Financial
Planning Services, LLC
David Armstrong
Editor in Chief
Wealth Management


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