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Another 2008? Recession Panic or Potential Buying Opportunity in Commercial Real Estate?

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Some investors tend to view market corrections as a potential opportunity, not a time to panic. During the Great Recession, those with dry powder, an appetite for risk, and a little foresight may have managed to identify investment opportunities with the potential to generate outsized returns as markets recovered. 1

As Mark Twain once said, “History never repeats itself, but it does often rhyme."  Looking ahead, the question becomes: does 2023 potentially present a similar opportunity for commercial real estate (CRE) investing?

Join CrowdStreet Advisors as they tackle this question and strive to provide an analysis of the current state of the market and where they believe we may see opportunities in CRE this year and beyond. Leaders from the firm will discuss:

  • Similarities and differences of 2008 and 2023 CRE markets
  • Comparison of public and private CRE markets 
  • Analysis of growth vs. income/core real estate
  • What an Opportunity Zone is
  • Where we may find distressed opportunities in CRE in 2023

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CFP, CIMA®, CPWA®, CIMC®, RMA®, and AEP® CE Credits have been applied for and are pending approval.

Ian Formigle
Chief Investment Officer
CrowdStreet, Inc.


Sheldon Chang
CrowdStreet Advisors, LLC.


John Norris
Director, Private Wealth
CrowdStreet Advisors, LLC.


David Bodamer - Host
Executive Director of Content & User Engagement
Wealth Management Real Estate



1Shawna Wright-Smith, “How Commercial Real Estate Investors Survived the Last Recession,” CrowdStreet (CrowdStreet, February 8, 2023),

Investing in commercial real estate entails substantive risk. You should not invest unless you can sustain the risk of loss of capital, including the risk of total loss of capital. All investors should consider their individual factors in consultation with a professional advisor of their choosing when deciding if an investment is appropriate. Direct and indirect purchase of real property involves significant risks, including without limitation market risks, risks related to the sale of land and risks specific to a given property, which could include the potential for property value loss, potential for foreclosure, changes in tax status and fees, and costs and expenses associated with management of such properties. All investors should consider risks specific to that given property prior to investing.

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