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The WealthStack Podcast

The WealthStack Podcast: Going From Wealth Advisor to Wealth Coach With Urs Bolt

Advisors are increasingly relying on technology to become more efficient and streamline operations. Urs Bolt details what’s driving this shift.

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Financial advisors are much more than just “money experts,” and their role is evolving from traditional wealth advising to a more personalized wealth coaching approach. As the needs of investors become more complex, advisors are relying heavily on technology to help them become more efficient and streamline operations. By saving time and money, they’re truly able to focus on a holistic approach for their clients.

In this episode, Shannon Rosic, director of WealthStack content and solutions, speaks with Urs Bolt, a well known financial mentor and coach, about what’s driving this shift.

Shannon and Urs also discuss:

  • How personalization drives innovation
  • Where advisors, coupled with technology, can add value
  • The significance of financial literacy
  • Trends in the wealthtech space outside of the U.S.

Connect with Shannon Rosic:

Connect with Urs Bolt:

About Our Guest:

Urs Bolt is an expert in WealthTech and ecosystems in (crypto) finance, based in Switzerland. 30+ years’ experience in wealth management, investment banking and related technology businesses. He helps financial service providers and tech companies to review/refocus business strategies, advise on strategic projects, develop solutions and markets, and build business partnerships. He is also active as a speaker, moderator, micro-blogger, lecturer, and author; recognised as a global opinion leader in #WealthManagement, #WealthTech, #DigitalAssets. In addition to this, Bolt is a member of advisory boards and jury panels: FT PWM WealthTech Awards, Global Wealth & Society, WealthBriefing Editorial Board and Swiss Awards, Blockchain Competition for Finance.

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