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The WealthStack Podcast

The WealthStack Podcast: Delivering Better, Data-Driven Outcomes for Clients with Joe Stensland

BridgeFT CEO Joe Stensland talks APIs and wealthtech-as-a-service.

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The emergence of wealthtech-as-a-service is redefining the wealth management industry. Now, APIs are shaping the future of financial services by providing access to valuable data, enhancing integration and automation, enabling personalization, supporting scalability and reducing costs. With the increased availability of data, wealthtech firms can quickly develop new products and connect with different financial systems and tools to improve their products and client satisfaction. 

In this episode, Shannon Rosic, director of WealthStack content and solutions, speaks with Joe Stensland, CEO of BridgeFT, about how they’re helping firms power their next generation of digital experiences.

Shannon and Joe discuss:

  • The state of the API economy 
  • Why BridgeFT wants to retire the tech-stack mentality 
  • What the next generation of wealth management applications look like 
  • Why having access to better data points leads to better decision-making 

Connect with Shannon Rosic:

Connect with Joe Stensland:

About Our Guest:

Joe Stensland is the CEO at BridgeFT. Prior to this, he was the Head of Digital Investor at LSEG, and before that, he held positions at Refinitiv and Scivantage. 

Mr. Stendland attended Colorado State University and earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. He later attended Georgetown University McDonough School of Business to complete his MBA. He also holds a certification from the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA).


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