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Inside ETFs Conference

Inside ETFs 2023: Innovation and Collaboration

Connect with 2,000+ leaders and innovators, including advisors, RIAs, issuers, indexes, market makers, analysts and more, to access expert insights into new ideas and solutions for the ETF and asset management industry.


Dear friends,  

I’m so appreciative of the contributions you’ve made as we look forward to presenting this year’s Inside ETFs event. While planning for this year’s agenda, I’ve had the opportunity to speak to advisors across a wide spectrum of perspectives. We discussed portfolio management, regulation and personal branding as advisors experience changes to their roles. Clients are no longer content with a hand-off of funds to faceless entities behind a ledger. Instead, advisors are tasked with the goal of holistic client-management based on a deep understanding of the individual.  

Inside ETFs is the place on the Wealth Management EDGE agenda for new ideas. This year’s event will provide an immersion-like experience producing incredible opportunities for innovation, problem-solving and next wave ideation backed by the industry’s best and brightest. 

To aid advisors in meeting the challenges in this new landscape, we’ve focused this year’s agenda on the ability to adapt and grow. Part of meeting that need includes a shift to client-centered advice that places advisors in the position to set expectations, stay ahead of trends and provide direction. This skill set is impossible to replicate—we embrace tools that help to streamline tasks but place emphasis on the need for human touch. There is no substitute for authenticity and clients know the difference.  

We embrace challenges as opportunities, and we believe that the current financial climate presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for growth. This is a bull market for advice and the community at Wealth Management EDGE are primed to take advantage of this unique space and time. Inside ETFs will focus on behavioral finance, asset allocation and alternative investments as we seek to provide a superior content portfolio for attendees. 

In the last few years, I’ve often asked ‘What can we do in-person that can’t be accomplished in any other manner?’ Each time, the answer I hear back is the same—collaboration. What makes Inside ETFs unique is the power of our community. Inside ETFs brings together leading voices in the industry to shape the future of wealth management. 

I’m looking forward to seeing you at Wealth Management EDGE and experiencing all we’ll be able to accomplish together. Be there as we set the stage for life-changing conversations. 

Best regards, 

Nabia Jenkins-Johnston, Global Finance & Wealth, Senior Producer 


InsideETFs returns to Florida, May 21 - 24, 2023. Find more information about the agenda, networking opportunities, speakers, attendees and more >>

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