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Gallery: Financial Resolutions for a Prosperous 2014

Resolutions don't work - behavioral experts know that. When you wake up on Jan. 1 and emphatically say something vague like "This year, I am going to get my finances under control - I really mean it!" there's a good chance your budget will end up where all those good intentions usually lead.

That's why it's better to make to-do lists instead. Each of the activities on my 2014 list are discrete and actionable, and don't take very long. Tick them off, one by one, and you'll dramatically improve your finances.

In 2014, you'll have more power, thanks to some consumer-friendly marketplace changes. A new focus on investment fees and 401(k) disclosures make it easier for investors to monitor those accounts. Credit card issuers are stepping up their marketing and competition, so there are better card deals out there. New applications make it easier to handle your money without ever physically handling your money.

Without further ado, here's my checklist for how to save and prosper in 2014.

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